About World-Outlook.com

World-Outlook.com is a site for online publication of political analysis and interpretation of events. Frequency of publication will be sporadic initially, constrained by time limitations of the site’s editors and contributors, all of whom are volunteers.

Capitalism’s global economic depression we are now living through, accelerated by the 2020 pandemic, and the resulting rising social tensions led us to launch this site. Strikes, union organizing drives, and other struggles by working people to defend our welfare and our rights against assaults by the privileged classes offer hope for the future and are part of our inspiration. The explosion of mass actions in the United States in the summer of 2020 protesting police brutality and racism is such an expression of popular discontent that points in the direction of independent working-class political action. Defending the Cuban Revolution, as the only living example today of a society that shows a road forward for humanity, is an essential part of our philosophy.

We will discuss issues pertinent to the working class, other exploited producers such as working farmers, trade unions, land and labor, social justice, racial equality, women’s rights, ending discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender, sustainable interaction between people and nature, art and culture, national liberation, and socialism, among others. When possible, we will share earlier documents produced by the workers’ movement that shed light on today’s reality.

We hope the site will stimulate further discussion and exchange of ideas. We believe it can contribute to promoting actions aimed at building a society based on human solidarity and social equality, a world without borders.

Signed articles reflect the views of the authors, which may not necessarily coincide with those of World-Outlook. Written contributions are welcome. They can be submitted to world.outlook.2021@gmail.com, which reserves the right to decide whether to publish any submission.

Jan. 1, 2021