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Readers Respond to Articles on Trump Indictments

In recent months World-Outlook has published several articles on the various indictments of Donald Trump, expressing our views on the most effective ways to oppose the danger of Trumpism. The most recent was “Third Trump Indictment: What Is at Stake?” Several readers replied to the article. In response to one of them, we published the column “Confronting the Danger of Trumpism,” which also elicited replies. This is a compilation of all these comments, which we are sharing in the interest of encouraging further discussion and debate.

Confronting the Danger of Trumpism

In response to the recent two-part article, “Trump Indictment: What Is at Stake?,” a reader argued that, given the state of working-class consciousness today, there is no choice other than to support the ruling class efforts to convict and jail Trump (and in the Georgia case, many of his collaborators). In this “Discussion with our readers” column, World-Outlook’s editors explain why they see things differently. “We do not join the campaign led by the Democratic Party to drum up popular support for convicting Trump — which inevitably aims to lead working people to see the Democrats (and those Republicans who support the prosecution) as the ‘defenders of democracy.’ Nor do we join those who call for dropping the charges against the former president.”