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Welcome Panorama-Mundial! Help World-Outlook expand

We are pleased to announce that World-Outlook is now bilingual! Thanks to the invaluable assistance of volunteers who have joined our team, Panorama-Mundial now exists as the Spanish-language version of the web site. Since we published our first article in Spanish on July 1—”Cuba sets example in confronting the pandemic” —we have made a concerted effort to translate each new article into Spanish. With the launch of Panorama-Mundial, we will step up these efforts, while also beginning to translate previous articles that have so far appeared only in English. This is the most significant of several steps we have taken in the past few months. Many involve new expenses. Today we are appealing to our readers to help us pay for these improvements to the site.

Thank You for Your Contributions!

We want to express our heartfelt thanks for your contributions to We have been very gratified by the response to our financial appeal. In the three months since we asked for your help, readers have sent in donations exceeding $1,300 so far. While most people sent in one-time donations, several have made monthly pledges. (We encourage everyone who can to join the monthly pledge club, which will enable us to sustain our efforts long-term.)