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ALU Union Songs

These are the lyrics of three union songs written by Tristan “Lion” Dutchin, and videos of their performances. The Amazon Labor Union (ALU) organizer sung the first two with fellow organizer Justine Medina at an April 8, 2022, ALU press conference outside LDJ5, Amazon’s sort center on Staten Island, New York, where a union vote is set to take place April 25-29. Tristan performed the third song, “Election Time,” at a February 22, 2022, ALU fundraiser held at the People’s Forum in New York City. The artist sent the lyrics and the “Election Time” video clip to World-Outlook. We are publishing them because of their artistic value and the inspiration they continue to provide to ALU’s magnificent organizing campaigns.

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Vienna State Opera Rejects Calls to Ban Its Russian Artists

This is a statement the Vienna State Opera issued on March 21, 2022. World-Outlook is publishing it because it addresses an important issue in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as well as U.S. and NATO sanctions against Russia. We agree with the Vienna opera’s call to reject demands to exclude Russian artists from performing “as well as a world view that classifies people as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ only on the basis of their origin.” We should note that during the long U.S. war against Vietnam 50 years ago, and during many other acts of aggression by Washington since, such a policy against artists from the U.S. would have been wrong for the same reason. It would also have deprived the world of many outstanding voices opposing that aggression. Any denial of the stage to Russian artists today only makes it more difficult for Russian artists to emulate that example now.

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Cuban Music Duo Buena Fe: ‘We Will Play Only Where Cuban Vaccines Are Recognized’

February 13, 2022—The Canadian theater The Opera House recently canceled the concerts of the Cuban duo Buena Fe scheduled for the month of May in the cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Edmonton. This is because the Canadian government does not recognize Cuba’s highly effective anti-Covid vaccines. Ottawa has asked the Buena Fe musicians to be inoculated by vaccines it does recognize—such as those made by Big Pharma in the U.S. or Europe: Pfizer, Moderna, or Astra Zeneca—in order to be allowed to enter the country. Buena Fe’s response? As Israel Rojas, one of the two members of the group, can be seen saying in the video posted here, “We will play only where our vaccines are recognized.”

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A Change to World-Outlook’s Home Page Banner Graphic

November 14, 2021—Readers who look at World-Outlook’s Home Page today will notice a change in the banner graphic display. Rather than one featured image there are now four. The original illustration that has appeared since the launching of the website—a Diego Rivera mural titled “Mexico Today and Tomorrow,” featuring Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism—is still there. We have added three new images that depict important struggles in the United States today. These are photos from the fight against police brutality and racism, for women’s right to choose abortion, and of striking workers at the Kellogg company.

Summer of Soul: ‘A Rose that Flowered Through Cement’

NEW YORK, August 3, 2021—Crafting it from footage of the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, Summer of Soul director Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson unearthed a treasure that captures a pivotal moment in U.S. culture and politics. This invaluable film archive had not seen the light of day until now. The movie includes performances, interviews with artists and attendees, as well as historical footage of events from that time period.

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Culture & Revolution: Cubans Engage in Dialogue on Censorship and Freedom of Speech

This article by Abel Prieto, director of Casa de las Americas in Cuba, responds to accusations leveled against the Cuban government for allegedly censoring artists and limiting free speech in the aftermath of the detention of members of the San Isidro Movement, a small and loose association of individuals claiming to speak for censored artists. The group burst into international notoriety in late 2020 thanks to backing by the U.S. government and savvy use of digital technology and social media.

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