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A Change to World-Outlook’s Home Page Banner Graphic

November 14, 2021—Readers who look at World-Outlook’s Home Page today will notice a change in the banner graphic display. Rather than one featured image there are now four. The original illustration that has appeared since the launching of the website—a Diego Rivera mural titled “Mexico Today and Tomorrow,” featuring Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism—is still there. We have added three new images that depict important struggles in the United States today. These are photos from the fight against police brutality and racism, for women’s right to choose abortion, and of striking workers at the Kellogg company.

New World-Outlook banner image displayed on Home Page.

We are making this change after a suggestion from one of our readers. “I have been enjoying reading, mainly the current topics, on World Outlook,” Carol Reed wrote to us. “But,” she added, “I think the banner photo, of important men of course, and wonderful artwork, is not reflective enough of the US and world struggles today. I am particularly sensitive to the lack of women.”

The editors of World-Outlook immediately realized Carol was right. We had not considered this point until Carol raised it with us. We are pleased to make the change, which better conveys what World-Outlook is about, outlined in our statement of purpose. As the site’s “About” page says, “We hope the site will stimulate further discussion and exchange of ideas.” We are committed to that, which includes welcoming debate, discussion, and criticism.

We’d like to thank Carol for her suggestion that has helped to improve the website. We continue to invite comments from readers on the material we publish, or other aspects of the site. Editors

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