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Marty Boyers, ¡Presente!

Marty Boyers, a friend and long-time fighter for the interests of the working class, passed away unexpectedly in November. Marty joined the socialist movement while a high school student in 1970. For his entire life he remained true to the ideas that initially inspired him. He was an early reader and supporter of World-Outlook, contributing to our coverage and making a regular monthly donation. He participated in and sent us reports and photos of local demonstrations in Pittsburgh on issues that included defense of women’s right to choose abortion. Marty devoted his life to fighting with others for a better world.

How to Follow Comments on World-Outlook Posts

World-Outlook subscribers are notified by email when a new article is published. However, readers are only notified of comments on an article if they themselves post a comment and check the box provided to be informed of other comments. We would prefer readers were made aware of all comments as they appear, but WordPress, our host, does not allow for that. If a reader chooses to post a comment on an article, that reader can enable notifications of comments posted by others, on that specific article, so they can follow the discussion.

Thanks for a Successful Fund Drive!

World-Outlook extends its heartfelt thanks to all those who made our fall fund drive a success. Thirty-one contributors donated $1,810, exceeding expectations. Of that amount, $190 comes from ongoing monthly donations from five new sustaining contributors, boosting recurring pledges to $270 per month. We plan to use this money to improve the quality of the web site — including Spanish-language translations of all articles on Panorama-Mundial — and to expand our reach and readership.

An Appeal to Our Readers & Thanks to Contributors

Dear Friends, World-Outlook needs your help! To continue to maintain our website and expand our list of subscribers, we are need our readers to assist with covering our costs. Over the last year, we have taken steps to improve the content, reach, readability, and functionality of our website. World-Outlook sent reporters to provide eyewitness coverage of important developments in the class struggle, such as the union organizing efforts at Amazon warehouses; we purchased software to allow rapid and accurate transcription of videotaped interviews and sought publishing permission for articles and photos; we fully integrated the English and Spanish sides of the website; and we increased World-Outlook’s visibility on social media. Please help us build on these successes by encouraging your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to subscribe to the site. Equally vital is your financial support.

World-Outlook Now on Social Media: Follow Us! Help Us Reach New Readers!

We are pleased to announce that World-Outlook is now on Facebook (@World-Outlook) and on Twitter (@WorldOutlook3). You can find the links to W-O’s Facebook page and Twitter account on every page on World-Outlook’s website by clicking on widgets on the left-hand side of each page, underneath the thematic Categories listings (see the relevant icons pictured below) as they appear on each page).  We want to thank the nearly 50 readers who have already liked W-O’s Facebook page. We encourage all our readers to like our Facebook page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We further urge you to ask all your friends to do the same. Doing so will help World-Outlook expand its reach and increase its circulation.

A Change to World-Outlook’s Home Page Banner Graphic

November 14, 2021—Readers who look at World-Outlook’s Home Page today will notice a change in the banner graphic display. Rather than one featured image there are now four. The original illustration that has appeared since the launching of the website—a Diego Rivera mural titled “Mexico Today and Tomorrow,” featuring Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism—is still there. We have added three new images that depict important struggles in the United States today. These are photos from the fight against police brutality and racism, for women’s right to choose abortion, and of striking workers at the Kellogg company.