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June 9, 2022

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that World-Outlook is now on Facebook (@World-Outlook) and Twitter (@WorldOutlook3). You can find the links to W-O’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on every page of our website. You can do so by clicking on widgets on the left-hand side of each page, underneath the “Categories” listing (see the relevant icons pictured below as they appear on each page). 

Icons appearing on the left-hand side of every page on the World-Outlook website that can be used to access W-O’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

We want to thank the 50 or so readers who have already liked W-O’s Facebook page before this announcement. We encourage all our readers to do the same. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We also urge you to invite your friends to do likewise. Doing so will help World-Outlook expand its reach and increase its circulation over time.

We have purchased software that allows us to automatically post on Facebook and Twitter every new post as soon as we publish it. This software also enables us to program the posting of previous articles on social media sites.

These older posts include timely analyses on US politics, such as the articles on the January 6, 2021, ultrarightist mob attack on US Congress aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 election (led by a still sitting US president!); writings by African-American leader Frederick Douglass, Marxist scholar George Novack, and others on the US Civil War or Radical Reconstruction; opinion pieces by a long-time leader of the Black liberation struggle and a militant of the labor movement James Mac Warren, such as his op-ed on the 1921 Tusla Massacre; in-depth coverage of union organizing, strikes, or other events in the labor movement; historic pieces and contemporary analyses on the women’s liberation struggle, the fight against police brutality, or in defense of democratic rights; background articles on the 20-year-long US war in Afghanistan, the Palestinian national liberation struggle, or on Thomas Sankara and the Burkina Faso revolution; series like the one on “Critical Race Theory”; movie or book reviews on important artistic & cultural events, like “The Summer of Soul”; interviews and other coverage of the Cuban Revolution and the Cuba solidarity movement; and much more.

These previous posts retain value for current readers. They can also help us reach new audiences. “Reviving” them periodically will likely help World-Outlook extend its reach. Bringing these writings to the attention of all those who access our social media accounts and may have never found them otherwise may help us increase our circulation. Thanks to Dee Scalera for opening our eyes to this possibility.

We also want to note that, due to popular demand, we have taken two additional steps to improve the site’s readability and functionality.

First, we have increased the font size to a larger type. Thanks to Ernest Harsch for being the first to make the suggestion.

Second, we have switched to sending subscribers an excerpt of each new post with the link to the article, instead of the full text and photos of each post. Doing so encourages subscribers to read new posts by going to the site. This offers a better and more interactive experience than reading new posts in an email. Depending on the platform or device used, some readers showed us occasionally distorted images or photo captions they saw on their screens when receiving posts by email. The latter never happens when accessing the posts directly on the site through a link. Thanks to Mark Satinoff for prompting us to take this step.

We hope you will agree that these changes improve the site. We welcome further comments to keep upgrading

We want to publicly extend our appreciation to Marcus Stilwell, a young IT engineer in Phoenix, Arizona. He volunteered his time and technical expertise to make these changes possible.

The cost of implementing these upgrades was hundreds of dollars. You can help us defray these expenses by making a one-time donation or increasing your regular pledge.

In solidarity,

World-Outlook editors

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