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World-Outlook extends its heartfelt thanks to all those who made our fall fund drive a success. Thirty-four contributors donated $2,200, exceeding expectations. Of that amount, $190 comes from ongoing monthly donations from five new sustaining contributors, boosting recurring pledges to $270 per month. We plan to use this money to improve the quality of the web site — including Spanish-language translations of all articles on Panorama-Mundial — and to expand our reach and readership.

We have already taken steps to increase World-Outlook’s visibility on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. We are exploring doing the same on other sites. The additional funds allow us to pay the necessary fees to obtain permission to publish articles and photos that enhance the appeal and professionalism of our now fully bilingual site; meet travel costs for some of our coverage; and pay for software to aid in translation, transcription, and other aspects of maintaining the site.

We are proud of the recent contribution we have made to sharing the news of struggles by rank-and-file rail workers for a decent national contract. We have seen increased interest in the web site as a result. We will continue to cover important labor struggles, the war in Ukraine, the ongoing fight for a woman’s right to control her own body, solidarity efforts in support of the Cuban Revolution, and more.

Please help us build our base of readers by encouraging your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to subscribe to the site (at no cost), and to “like” and follow us on Facebook (@World-Outlook) and Twitter (@WorldOutlook3). Consider emailing or texting those you know to recommend the site to them.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the readers who have contributed reports on the important political activities they participate in. The articles and photos they have shared are a valuable addition to our coverage.

The generosity of readers in response to our request for funds also encourages us to continue the work W-O is doing.

In solidarity,

World-Outlook/Panorama-Mundial editors

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  1. Yikes! I’ve been planning to make a donation, modest but nonetheless. Is it too late? Should I wait for another fund drive or special window? Please let me know. Thanks, and best to all, Linda Loew

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