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May 25 Actions: Justice 4 All! Prosecute the Police! Reopen All Past Cases of Cop Brutality!

The trial of the police murder that shook the world was barely days old before the police killed another unarmed civilian just miles away from where George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police. While the verdict was being announced another civilian, 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was killed in Columbus, OH. 13-year-old Adam Toledo of Chicago was killed while his hands were up, Andre Brown, Jr was killed by North Carolina police, and video has just emerged showing the brutal and fatal arrest of Ronald Greene in Louisiana. Every day across the United States, unabated, another civilian is killed by police.
Hundreds of impacted families are joining together to say enough! They are demanding that the police that have killed their loved ones be put in jail. They are demanding that all past cases of police brutality be reopened.

Derek Chauvin Verdict: One Down, Thousands to Go

May 25, 2021—On the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s brutal death at the hands of Minneapolis police, all opponents of cop violence and racism can rejoice in seeing Floyd’s executioner locked-up behind bars. We can celebrate the prospect of a long sentence awaiting former police officer Derek Chauvin. His conviction by a Minneapolis jury on April 20 was a victory for the mass movement against police brutality and racism that Floyd’s homicide sparked across the United States and around the world.

‘So Long As There Is A Single Palestinian Alive, We Will Claim Our Right to Palestine’

This interview with Hanan Ashrawi was given to Argiris Malapanis by telephone on April 9, 1991. Ashrawi was in Ramallah, West Bank, and Malapanis in East Jerusalem at the time.
While first published 30 years ago, many of the issues Ashrawi addresses in this interview remain central to the Palestinian struggle for national self-determination that has erupted now again. It is a timely reminder of the political context in which the most recent events have developed.

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Stand Together Against Police Violence! March on Washington, Aug. 28

This is the text of the call for a national march and rally in Washington, D.C. The action will take place on Sat., Aug. 28, 2021, from 11am to 7pm in the U.S. capital. Its demands include reopening all cases of police misconduct where justice has been denied and prosecution and jailing of guilty cops. Mass Action Against Police Brutality and other organizations issued the call, which has been endorsed as of May 2 by 245 members of families that have lost loved ones to police violence across the United States.

‘Justice for All Stolen Lives!’

April 30, 2021—This is a partial but representative round-up of protests against police brutality and racism that took place in a number of U.S. cities on April 24. They were initiated by Mass Action Against Police Brutality in Boston and others and were largely led by members of families that have lost loved ones to police violence. Demands included prosecuting and jailing the guilty cops and re-opening all cases of police misconduct where justice has been denied. Similar actions will occur on May 25, the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police.

As George Floyd’s Killer Is Found Guilty of Murder, Protests Spread; New Actions Called for April 24

April 20, 2021, 5pm EST—A Minneapolis jury just found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges—second degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter—in the brutal killing of George Floyd. Chauvin could face up to 40 years in prison.
Now, we need justice for ALL the families who have lost loved ones to police violence.

Families Victimized by Police Violence Unite, Call for Higher Charges for Daunte Wright’s Killer

This article was first published on April 17, 2021, by the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR), the oldest Black-owned newspaper in the state of Minnesota. It is re-published here by permission.
Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old African-American man and father of a 2-year-old toddler, Daunte Jr., was shot and killed by police officer Kim Potter during an April 11 routine traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, about 10 miles north of Minneapolis.

Why There Are No George Floyds in Cuba

This is the speech by Ambassador Pedro Luis Pedroso Cuesta, Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations, to the online event, “Why There Are No George Floyds in Cuba.” The virtual forum was held April 11, 2021, while the trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was under way in that city for the murder of George Floyd.

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After Setback in Alabama, Rank-and-file Workers Will Determine What’s Next

April 15, 2021—Pro-union workers suffered a setback in their effort to organize the giant Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. They lost the vote for union representation by a margin of 738 ballots cast in favor to 1798 against. The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Workers Union (RWDSU), which was seeking to represent them, said it plans to challenge the result and will ask federal labor officials to investigate Amazon for creating an “atmosphere of confusion, coercion and/or fear of reprisals.”

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The Fight to Organize Amazon: Workers in Alabama Set Example for All Labor

Mar. 26, 2021— Workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are engaged in one of the most important union-organizing drives in recent years. Their goal is to win representation by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) at the giant Amazon warehouse there. Voting by mail by the 5,805 workers began in February. It closes March 29. The outcome can have far-reaching implications for the working class and the labor movement in the United States.

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Protests Call for Conviction in George Floyd Case, Highlight Local Fights Against Cop Brutality; New Actions Called for April, May

Mar. 23, 2021— Protests took place across the United States, leading up to the March 8 opening of the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, accused of killing George Floyd. Demonstrators demanded Chauvin’s conviction and used the attention focused on that case to highlight the many other ongoing fights against police brutality and racism across the country.

Washington State Families Speak Out Against Police Brutality, Demand ‘Justice for All!’

On March 4, 2021, a live Facebook video event turned a spotlight on the stories and demands of families who have lost loved ones to police violence in Washington State. A total of 23 people speaking on behalf of 17 families shared the heart-wrenching truth about the ongoing plague of police murders with few if any criminal consequences. That video has been shared 175 times on Facebook. hopes to continue that process.

World-Outlook Needs Your Help!

We launched in January of this year and we need your help to continue. We were prompted to take this initiative  by capitalism’s global economic depression and the resulting rising social tensions, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are motivated by the ongoing efforts by working people to defend our welfare and our rights against the assaults by the privileged classes. We have now published seven articles including news analysis on U.S. politics related to the weighty events of Jan. 6 and the months leading up to it, political analysis on the movement against police brutality and racism, a document in defense of the Cuban Revolution, and the most recent interview and related speech on the struggle for women’s rights.

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Women’s Strike for Equality: Ruthann Miller’s 1970 Speech

These are major excerpts from Ruthann Miller’s speech at the Aug. 26, 1970, Women’s Strike for Equality march and rally in New York City. Miller, 22 years old at the time, chaired the rally and was coordinator of the NY Aug. 26 Strike Committee, which organized the demonstration.
The 50,000-strong action was the largest of the Women’s Strike for Equality protests that took place across the United States that day. They marked a qualitative new stage in the women’s liberation struggle.

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How Strike for Equality Propelled Women’s Liberation Struggle in the U.S.

In August 1970, campaigners for women’s liberation mounted an extraordinary demonstration in New York, the largest of similar actions across the United States, which propelled the struggle for women’s equality to a new stage. Ruthann Miller, the protest coordinator in New York, was also a young socialist activist. The interview below, conducted by Nancy Rosenstock, first appeared in the Nov. 1, 2020, issue of Jacobin. is re-publishing it here by permission in celebration of Women’s History Month.

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Two Months that Set New ‘Normal’ in U.S. Bourgeois Politics; The Billionaires Who Backed Trump’s Bonapartist Course

Feb. 3, 2021—In the article titled “Radicalism, Bonapartism, and the Aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Elections,” we described the Jan. 6 rightist mob attack on the U.S. capitol as the culminating step in a series of developments that posed serious dangers to civil liberties and the working class. Enough evidence is now established to detail further the extent of financial support from some sections of big business for former U.S. president Donald Trump. That backing, widespread and essential to his re-election campaign, did not end after Trump’s defeat at the polls. It diminished when Trump and his closest allies over-reached with the failed violent assault on U.S. Congress. Between Nov. 3 and Jan. 6, plenty of bankers, merchants, industrialists, and other capitalists kept up their donations to Trump as he peddled outlandish and conspiratorial claims of a “fraudulent vote” and instigated street actions aimed at overturning the popular vote and holding on to power.

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Social Media Trump Ban: Dangerous Precedent for Working People

Jan. 28, 2021—Following the Jan. 6 rightist mob attack on the U.S. Capitol, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media companies shut down former U.S. president Donald Trump’s accounts on their platforms. Trump had encouraged the assault on U.S. Congress at a Washington D.C. rally earlier that day in a culminating step to a two-month-long campaign to overturn the results of the November election.

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Culture & Revolution: Cubans Engage in Dialogue on Censorship and Freedom of Speech

This article by Abel Prieto, director of Casa de las Americas in Cuba, responds to accusations leveled against the Cuban government for allegedly censoring artists and limiting free speech in the aftermath of the detention of members of the San Isidro Movement, a small and loose association of individuals claiming to speak for censored artists. The group burst into international notoriety in late 2020 thanks to backing by the U.S. government and savvy use of digital technology and social media.

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Prosecute and Jail Killer Cops! A Tale of Mis-leadership: Why ‘Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati’ Changed Its Name

CINCINNATI, OHIO, Jan. 24, 2021—The political stance and demands put forward by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) national organization, following the Jan. 6, 2021, rightist assault on the U.S. Capitol, highlight why dozens of women and men in Cincinnati, Ohio, changed our organization’s name from Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati to Mass Action for Black Liberation in 2018.

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Radicalism, Bonapartism, and the Aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Elections

Jan. 13, 2021—In a culminating step to a series of developments unprecedented in U.S. politics in more than a century, outgoing U.S. president Donald Trump and his supporters engaged in a riot aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election. While Congress certified the outcome of the November vote next day, on Jan. 7, it is notable that more than 25% of members of the House and Senate, all Republicans, joined Trump’s challenge to his defeat at the polls, even after the rightist mob attack on the U.S. Capitol had been dispersed.