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Reform or Revolution? A Debate (I)

What lessons can we draw for today from the Russian Revolution of 1917—the first socialist revolution and one of the most important events in modern human history? The Bolshevik Party, which led that revolution, viewed it as the beginning of the worldwide struggle to overturn capitalism and open the door to the socialist transformation of society by working people.
This is the topic of a recent debate between Eric Blanc, a socialist historian and activist, and Mike Taber, editor of a number of books related to the history of revolutionary and working-class movements. The magazine Jacobin published Blanc’s original article, “Socialists Should Take the Right Lessons from the Russian Revolution.” The website “Marxist Essays and Commentary,” edited by John Riddell, subsequently republished it along with a response by Taber, titled, “What Are the ‘Right Lessons’ for Socialists?”
This first part of the debate includes the article by Eric Blanc.