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Why 98% of UN Voted to End US Embargo of Cuba

On November 3, 2022, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly voted 185 – 2 to approve a resolution introduced by the government of Cuba. The document calls on the U.S. government to lift its six-decade-old economic, commercial, and financial embargo against the Caribbean nation — what many refer to as the “blockade.”

The only UN member states voting “no” were the United States and Israel. Brazil and Ukraine abstained.

It was the 30th year in a row the international body demanded the end of Washington’s economic war against Cuba.

To mark this important occasion, we publish below the link to a YouTube video. This Breakthrough News documentary provides a brief but informative overview of how the U.S. government launched its economic offensive against Cuba, the impact the blockade has had on the Cuban people, and why the vast majority of the world stands with Cuba in the battle to end this cruel and inhumane U.S. policy.

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Breakthrough News Documentary

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