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August 28 Washington DC Action: Impacted Families of Police Brutality – Photo Gallery

By Francisco Picado and Argiris Malapanis

WASHINGTON, DC, August 28, 2021—Below is an initial gallery of photos from the magnificent rally and march to the Justice Department today. More than 500 members of families who have lost loved ones to cop violence, arriving from 44 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, took part in the rally at the Washington Monument and subsequent march to the Department of Justice to demand: Reopen All the Cases, where justice has been denied! Prosecute and Jail the Killer Cops!


World-Outlook will feature extensive coverage of the action in coming days and weeks. This is an initial pictorial representation. All photos posted below are by Francisco Picado and Argiris Malapanis who participated in and covered the action for The opening image shows a photo installation featuring about 250 pictures of the loved ones these families have lost, memorializing the lives of those who should be with us today.

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  1. Thanks to all that families that represented for the ones that didn’t make it. Much Love.✊✊💜💜

  2. Esta manifestación nos inspira a seguir luchando por la justicia. Nuestra fuerza organizada es la base de la victoria.

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